Smart design for complex oral and maxillofacial applications

Surgical precision, tailor-made.

MAXONIQ, established in 2016, has a growing portfolio of bespoke medical devices for oral and maxillofacial applications. Headquartered in Melbourne, MAXONIQ is an Australian owned company with a goal to be the world leader in developing new custom-made surgical products and devices that will become game-changers in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Prior to March 2021, MAXONIQ was known as OMX Solutions.

Giving our patients back their quality of life

Great design will deliver functional, life-changing solutions for our patients. MAXONIQ design engineers work in tandem with clinicians to create innovative, bespoke medical devices that aim to return quality of life back to our patients. Our capability to make an unlimited range of medical devices is limited only by imagination.

Striving for the highest standard

Quality is a fundamental. Our aim is to achieve the highest quality standards in everything we do. By way of example, our design and manufacturing are supported by ISO quality standards to ensure we provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and all applicable regulatory requirements.

Using knowledge to create solutions

Our aim is to build a global network of expert support and knowledge. At MAXONIQ, we are driven to collaborate with our clinicians, suppliers, universities and government organisations to build our knowledge and expertise. Intelligent design informs our outcomes and knowledge helps us to deliver better patient solutions.

Offering a person-to-person experience

At MAXONIQ we believe that great support is an integral part of the solutions we provide. We are driven to go above-and-beyond whilst delivering a person to person experience. From design to logistics, clinical support to training and education, our aim is to deliver a great experience for each and every one of our customers.

Patient Stories

Susie's Story

Her body and face are wrapped in surgical blue fabric, leaving only her mouth exposed.

The car crash that smashed Susie Robinson’s jaw three decades ago has finally landed her here. On this operating table.

The surgeon is preparing for his experimental procedure for what is believed to be only the sixth time.

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The Jaws of Life

Behind Richard Stratton’s face is an Australian first. You can tell that by his winning smile and a jawline that any Hollywood star would envy.

The 32-year-old has just been implanted with the first 3D-printed titanium jaw joint to be produced in Australia, a prosthesis that has vastly improved his quality of life and which is set to do the same for thousands of others.

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Anelia's Story

In 2017, Melbourne accountant Anelia Myburgh was 30 years old when one of her front teeth developed an angle. She noticed a lump at the top of her gum line.

A minor irritation became major when cancer was diagnosed. Osteosarcoma – a rare cancer that can develop where bone is growing.

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