ArthroJaw Total Joint Replacement System

Designed to replace the temporomandibular joint and restore function, the ArthroJaw reduces pain and improves quality of life.

ArthroJaw Total Joint
Replacement System

A simple, total solution for patient and surgeon

The ArthroJaw is designed and manufactured to grant benefits to both patients and surgeons. The device is intended to reconstruct a damaged or diseased temporomandibular joint and ultimately relieve a patient of pain and grant them their natural joints range of motion.

Thanks to the latest digital technology, the prosthesis is customised such that it is ideally suited to fit the patient’s anatomy. Additionally, the use of 3D virtual planning assists in removing the guesswork and time and effort it would normally take in surgery to fit a stock product to a patient.

Approved for clinical use in Australia and Prosthesis listed, the ArthroJaw comprises two components – the glenoid fossa component and the mandibular condyle component. Both components are secured to the native bone by self-tapping cortical screws. All components are provided to surgeons as a total system solution.


The device intended for patients who are typically suffering from intolerable symptoms of pain and/ or jaw joint dysfunction. Normally they have failed to respond well to other treatments and could also show other indications such as osteoarthritis and other degenerative joint conditions.

Design & Manufacture

The ArthroJaw can have lead times up to 2 weeks from the date of customer authorization.


The two components of the ArthroJaw are manufactured in medical grade Titanium Alloy and ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

Restores function

Usually, patients who are suitable for a TMJ replacement have lost most of the bone and function of their joint. This means that doing simple daily tasks such as talking, and eating could cause them an uncomfortable amount of pain, and make these simple things in life, much more difficult than they need to be. The design and manufacture of the ArthroJaw is created to smoothly grant function back to the patients joint. The fossa and condyle components of the ArthroJaw work together to achieve this and grant the temporomandibular joint a good range of function once again, solving the patient’s pain and granting them the ability to do simple tasks with their mouths.

3D surgical planning to remove guesswork

Each ArthroJaw system is designed based on scans of the patient’s anatomy and ultimately creates a custom product specifically made for each patient. By doing this, the prosthesis can fit comfortably to the bone and removes the extra time it would normally take to shave bone down to fit a prosthesis. Additionally, with the use of 3D planning, we can see exactly where surgeons should make cuts to the bone that will assist in fitting the prostheses and guiding them away from sensitive nerves.

Simple solution

Most of the time when patients are to receive the ArthroJaw implant, they have tried many other solutions, and these solutions unfortunately, have not been able to alleviate their pain. With the ArthroJaw, we are providing a simple solution that will be able to address the core problem of the patient.

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